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Want a Peek at Some Interesting Wills?

Ever wonder what’s in other people’s Wills? Some very famous people have died with Wills that make for interesting reading – Thomas Jefferson, Howard Hughes, Leona Helmsley and Michael Jackson, to name but a few. If you’re curious, try these … Continue reading

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When is the Reading of the Will?

We’ve all seen movie scenes depicting the heirs and friends of the dearly departed gathered in a lawyer’s office for a suspense filled “reading of the Will.”  This is usually accompanied by some dramatic event, such as an “outsider” or … Continue reading

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Estate Planning – Don’t Ignore Your Child’s Special Needs

Estate Planning for Special Needs. Don’t Ignore the Issue.      A friend of mine was recently approached by her young child’s teacher, who suggested that the child may have some “special” problems.   Although my friend and her husband thought that … Continue reading

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