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These posts are about Guardianships (for children) and about conservatorships, which are proceedings for the care of incompetent adults and their assets.

20 Advantages to Having a Trust (Part A: Planning for Incapacity) 

Why should I make a trust?  This is a common question. In this series of posts, here’s twenty great reasons to have a trust! Part A: Planning for Incapacity. Dementia, Alzheimers, Coma, etc. 1. A trust avoids the probate court. … Continue reading

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Guardian for My Children: How Do I Choose?

Choosing a Guardian for Your Children. Choosing a guardian for your children can be the most difficult part of estate planning for parents with young families. The thought of your children growing up without you is heart-wrenching and choosing someone … Continue reading

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What is a “conservator” or a “conservatorship”?

Conservatorship is like a guardianship, but it only applies to adults. Like a guardian, a conservator is given legal authority over another person. With adults, this only occurs when the person has become incapacitated and is no longer able to … Continue reading

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