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These posts concern the California probate process for a deceased person’s estate.

Top 10 Mistakes People Make in Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts: # 4 – Failure to Avoid Probate

California probate is well worth avoiding! Unlike many states, where probate of a will is a fairly quick and easy process, California probate is expensive, time consuming and very public. California probate is very expensive. The probate court filing fees … Continue reading

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20 Advantages to Having a Trust (Part E: Easier Planning Than Using a Will) 

Why should I make a trust?  This is a common question. In this series of posts, here’s twenty great reasons to have a trust! Part E: Trusts Are Easier to Use than Wills. 17. A Will is easier to challenge than … Continue reading

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How Much Does a Probate Cost?

California Probate is Very Expensive. The expense of a California Probate depends  upon three considerations: costs, compensation, and contests. Court Costs and Fees. The first component, “costs,” means expenses charged by third parties, such as court fees, publication costs, court … Continue reading

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