Want a Peek at Some Interesting Wills?

Ever wonder what’s in other people’s Wills? Some very famous people have died with Wills that make for interesting reading – Thomas Jefferson, Howard Hughes, Leona Helmsley and Michael Jackson, to name but a few.

If you’re curious, try these sites to read some unique selections:

Offbeat Enough – This site shares some truly off-the-wall tidbits from the Wills of historical figures, including these humorous Will excerpts:

  • “I give to Lieutenant-General Cromwell one of my words, which he must want, seeing that he hath never kept any of his own” – Philip, 5th earl of Pembroke, 17th century.
  • “Before anything else is done fifty cents [is to] be paid to my son-in-law to enable him to buy for himself a good stout rope with which to hang himself.” – author Garvey B. White, 1908

Living Trust Network – This sites provides notable Wills of many famous people, mostly Hollywood celebrities.

Trial and Heirs – Famous Fortune Fights by A. Mayoras and D. Mayoras – a good choice if you prefer a physical book.

Did you know you can also obtain original, historical Wills from sites such as ebay? Just search for “antique Wills” or similar terms and you should find something worthwhile. Most that I’ve seen come from England in the late 1700s, but the selections always vary. These are written long-hand on parchment or heavy linen paper and often include an official court seal in embossed wax. They provide a first hand look into the world as it was and make for unique topics of conversation.

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