Be Kind to Your Loved Ones – Preplan Your Funeral

     Imagine trying to plan a wedding in just two days.  That is what planning a funeral is like, only worse.  Weddings are happy occasions, everyone knows what their job is and it’s usually clear who the ultimate decisionmaker will be. Funerals are grief-stricken and often unexpected occasions, with little time for planning and usually no clear line of authority.

     While some families are able to cope with their loss and cooperate with each other, a good number are not.  Siblings may argue about the final arrangements for a parent; adult step-children may be at odds with the surviving spouse; the financial and religious implications of various planning options provide fertile ground for argument; etc.   There are countless decisions to be made and the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.  Besides dealing with the other family members, anyone trying to take the reins and get the matter planned must also deal with the realities of finances, the uncertainty of not knowing what the decedent may have wanted and, many times, feelings of guilt for the choices that must be made.

   Preplanning is a wonderful means of relieving your loved ones of these stresses and avoiding family strife.  It is also an economical way to provide for your final disposition.  It is said that funeral costs double about every ten years.  With preplanning, you can lock in the price, pay over time and make the selections YOU want made.   Stop in at your local funeral home and ask about preplanning — you will be surprised how involved the planning process can be and just how much anxiety and burden you can avoid for your loved ones.

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  1. Kathleen Cruz says:

    I agree, what a great idea, and well presented.
    Thanks, Kathleen Cruz

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